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Kerimoğlu Elektrik was established in 2014 as a continuation of EMAK group of companies operating in telecom and electricity infrastructure sector since 1994.
In 1994, Kerimoğlu was established to serve in energy transmission lines, substations, energy meins, switchyard area. We served lots of customers, and we continue to serve in this area.
Since 1998, the company has built cell tower installations for GSM operators from 10 meters to 100 meters, carried out fiber optic cabling works of more than 500 km, base station, energy grounding and system installations, and continues to work on these subject.
In 2004, it constructed nearly 300 towers and carried out 250 field assemblies abroad, primarily in Ukraine. It also carried out similar works in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
In 2008, it constructed 112 Emergency Service Systems for Aselsan, and 42 towers and field assemblies in Antalya and Isparta region.
In 2009, it started fiber optic cabling and infrastructure works for Superonline, and completed approximately 100 km excavation work and 300 km fiber optic cable installation in Ankara.
In 2017, It started to work on outdoor security systems for Havelsan and Aselsan in their projects, and it still continues today.
Our company carries out fiber optic cabling systems, outdoor security systems, energy transmission lines, and transformer systems, detailed infrastructure works with its own construction machinery, equipment and expert personnel. We have combined all our experiences with Kerimoğlu Elektrik with a new structuring since 2014 and continue to be the solution partner for the companies and organizations related to our fields of activity in the sector.


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